Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Real Reality Report: It's all Spiritual

This is brief but necessary:

One of the only things in reality you need is spiritual reality. Once you put YOU in the middle of a decision that needs to be made you lean on your own understanding.

Spiritual reality is where/when you decide that you can't do anything, not ONE thing, without the Lord's direction. As a coach, I realize that I can't help you with what I don't know; I can help you with my experiences. That is why I teach about finances, organization, starting a business, building wealth, etc. It is becasue I have been where you are and don't want to see you go through all I went through.

Lives are different, but the foundation should be the same.

Spiritual reality is about knowing what your foundation is; it has to be GOD.
Everything in your life is spiritual. Stop making it had to believe, understand and do!

Coach Dana..


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