Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Real Reality Report: What Feeds Your Creativity?

As a ministry servant, I tell everyone that EVERYTHING IS SPIRITUAL. It is very funny to see people say YES, TRUST THE LORD, but He gives us COMMON SENSE. I’m sorry, but common sense is fleshly sense, this is why you must have a direct relationship with the Father to get over that HE GIVES US COMMON SENSE. (Proverbs, says lean not on your own understanding i.e. COMMON SENSE)


So what brings us to today’s real reality report? It’s the brink of the common sense and falling over! (Getting over common sense) Okay, so after you have truly been delivered from common sense, you have to tap into your spiritual sense (relationship) and discover what feeds your creativity.




Our Father in heaven downloads into us something to move our creativity every day; you can both believe and receive, or you can run from the information given. Which do you choose? What is your real reality this day? The importance of your next hour or next day is in what you have been given by the Father. Your lack of creativeness could be your lack of obedience to believing and receiving what was given to you by the Father in Heaven.




Well, write down all the things that have gone wrong in the past few years and get back to me.


So, with that, take this real reality and step into your greatness by tapping into what feeds your creativity. Let me give you some tips on doing that:


*      Fasting

*      Praying

*      Assembling with other Christians

*      Walking in your authority as a ministry servant and business leader

*      Going with your mind and not walking with your heart



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