Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Real Reality Report: You Can't Be Them

The one thing I understand especially being a business and lifestyle coach, is that you can't be like other people You have to be what is in YOU TO BE.

Currently, I'm finishing the recording or a class I had called I'm Broke; I want to be debt free!...this class opened a lot of doors of heartache, regret, and embarrassment, in my students, AND in myself.

As I taught the class, I shared with them how I over came certain financial areas in my life by facing up to who I was trying to be; I was trying to have a million dollar lifestyle on a welfare budget. (budget?). My mindset was on what I wanted to look and feel like, not what I actually had on hand. I was not using any of my resources to get me OUT OF FINANCIAL rut; I was going deeper into the hole.

 With my personal life going through changes and challenges, I had to pull myself together to build a business, build wealth, and leave a legacy for my grandchildren. I had to decide that my neighbors were not my way out, and trying to look like them was not the answer. (Side Note: {SN} when you look at my videos, blogs, or books, you will see that I have many different looks and some of them don't fit in with the rest of the world!)

Now this may not be the quote you WANT TO READ, but it's one you need to read! You can't be like the Joneses and make it! You can't be THEM!

The business cliques or the church cliques; the music groupies or the welfare warriors: YOU CAN'T BE THEM.

Here is the reality of it all right now, smack dab in your face. Everything someone else does not what you can or should do. Whether its saving  money, or building bridges, you can't be like the next person you have to be you!

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Dana Neal

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