Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Organization Gone Wild: Christmas Time

Simply put, this is the time to get ready for Christmas. You need to make lists, price checks, stockpile for gifts for secret santa, etc. You need to do this now. Why? Shopping season is here. 

 You have to get ready now by organizing your home:

 Shelving and lists are vital. 

YET, it doesn't stop, or start there. What you also need to do is get your money and life style in sync for Christmas. It's very similar to when I preach a message about life and how we must be prepared for the next levels that God takes you on. When getting ready for Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, you purge your closets, clean your house, pay some extra bills etc, and its the same for Christmas. 

  • Whatever businesses, direct sales, or network marketing groups you are in, study what you need to do to create wealth in a short period of time 
  • Get your money right and in tune for the extras you'll need to buy
  • Create your lists OF those extras
  • Get the shelving together to hold what you have

Organize your life RIGHT NOW for Christmas. 

Coach Dana Enterprise
Dana Neal 

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