Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Only Woman in the ROOM

It's Thursday and Whatever is on my mind day! Today is it!

I have two women, that I call my coach. YES THE COACH NEEDS A COACH. I'm excited because I witnessed one of those things that my coach talks about ALL THE TIME. 

What was it? 

When it's time to be player in teh game the women don't show up. When they do show up, they leave early. Ho-hum...DUMB DUMB. I went to a business meeting in a prominent area of my city and out of 5 businesses represented there were two women; one didn't count because she was a partner in a business and then there was me. That means there was only one woman that represented herself as a business owner with no one ME. 

The only woman in the room. 


I was really shocked...NO I WASN'T. I was glad that I can try to put a HUSH on the lips of those that talk to much about people that aren't on their level. I was glad I was the only woman in that room today, because I used my voice for what I knew and what I wanted to know.  I was on FIYAH!

With that, I want to encourage all of you women, and the men that love you: YOU CAN DO IT. 
The God given gifts you have is what allows you to NOT WALK IN FEAR. Know that you are so ready for what needs to be done and so ready for that #nextlevel. If you ever want to talk about it I'm available. 

Coach Dana Enterprises
Dana Neal 

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