Thursday, September 4, 2014

Organization Gone Wild {OGW}: All things COACH DANA

Hello everyone! 

This has been an exceptional couple of months with Coach Dana Enterprises! We have been revamping our courses at B.A.D. Univeristy, we have improved on our services with Coach Dana, and we have added a service that will help all of our entrepreneurs and small business owners. 

Before I share with you what that service is, I want to remind you about two things I always chat about: 

  1. Couponing 
  2. Stockpiling 

Couponing and stockpiling help you to put things together and in order in your home; they help you to save money and get out of debt. 

  • When starting to coupon, you have to plan ahead. 
  • When starting to stockpile, you have to plan ahead. 

In planning, you have to be ORGANIZED! <<<There it is; the new service with Coach Dana!All things Coach Dana. 



You're probably saying: WHY ARE YOU A PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZER? Why would you add this? What is wrong in your business? What now? 

Did you know that an organized business person comes in many forms? Did you know that couponing and stockpiling is form of organization? Did you know that a business and lifestyle coach is someone that teaches how to organize your business and your life through various areas (i.e., finances, business set up, binders, and more)? 

A professional organizer is someone that creates systems specifically for you that helps you gain momentum as a business owner, and helps to eliminate some stress in your life. 

This service doesn't change coach Dana; this service is what I do best and that is HELP OTHERS. 

What do you now? 

Go over some of the blogs I've written on specific topics of getting organize. Get ready for the website release, and keep on the look out for you chance (if you are Milwaukee area small business person) to win a free consult to help you get organized! 

See you soon!

Coach Dana Enterprises
Dana Neal

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