Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Organization Gone Wild{OGW}: What's Your Schedule?

Every week, since I have been away from the 9-5, my schedule changes; not because I don't' know what I'm doing, but because EMERGENCIES ARISE, and I have to take advantage of opportunities that are beneficial to my business. 

Lately, now that my son is back in school, I'm pulling together a schedule that I need to stick to; it will be printed, on my phone's calendar, AND, in my business on the go binder {I can help you create one through my organizing services}.

What does this mean for my schedule?

It means that I"m scheduling speaking engagements, recruitment fairs, meetings etc ACCORDING TO MY SCHEDULE. 

This is a great way of organizing your life. What is your schedule? 

#letsgo we have #worktodo

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