Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Real Reality Report: You're not like everyone else!

So, I've been struggling these few weeks trying to gather my wits, and record 'SEASON 2' of The Real Reality Show w/Dana Neal. The struggle comes from the need to get over people.

I'm in a place in my life where I can't leave return to the past; going back to the 9-5 is not an option. So with that, I have to do what I should have never stopped, which  may mean doing things that looks like others are doing.

The real reality is, I'm not like everyone else. I can handle what I need to in order to get the job done; I wasn't always at this point. How about you? Do you realize that you are at the point of no return in your business life and you can't afford to go back?

Well, let me help you and encourage you: YOU ARE NOT LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. The plans that God has for you are to prosper you in all areas of your life; BUSINESS, SPIRIT, ETC. The reality is, we all have to go forward and be obedient. In that, we have to realize that we're not like everyone else in what we do, but in where we want to end up.

So what now?

  • Don't let people get under your skin
  • Don't believe the hype from billionaires that started where you are
  • Don't let current circumstances take you away from where you want to be
  • Don't stop pressing for the mark
  • Don't stop trying. 
Coach Dana Enterprises
Dana Neal

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