Thursday, October 30, 2014

Realizing You're a Non-Factor

It's THURSDAY, and I can say it like I want to say it day! 

In two months, I will be celebrating my one year anniversary from leaving corporate america. I have come to the realization that the comradere I had for almost 12 years with people that I cried with, laughed with, stuck my neck out for, and truly still care about, was not reciprocated. 

Its troubling to see that, after all this time, I was just a co-worker. 

What does that mean for me now? Nothing. It means that my focus has to stay on the job at hand right now; that affirmations from people are not necessary. Technically, it means, that I was a non-factor; after all this time the clarity on that is truly revelant. 

Am I being a cry baby about it? Of course not, but here's how I'll help you: WHEN YOU BECOME IMPORTANT TO YOURSELF, OTHER PEOPLE DON'T MATTER.

You can call it know your worth or value, all you want, but what it really is, is accepting who and whose you are with all faith, belief, strength, and positive energy you can muster up! 

Yes, it means you will have down days, but count on having more UP THAN DOWN DAYS. 
Yes, it means you will have to do things on your own and be willing to accept a NO, and feelings of rejection
Yes, it means walking like you know you will obtain what you need to keep moving forward as long as you ACCEPT IT AND RUN!

It means waving by to those who are really a non-factor to YOU, because you are an important FACTOR TO YOU! 

Coach Dana Enterprises
Dana Neal 


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