Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Organization Gone Wild OGW: Let Sabbath Work for You

When getting ready to do all that is necessary for building business you must be organized. We talk about that constantly.

Being organized is a lot more than knowing where things are or where they need to be. It also means preparing yourself for the next step without actually being there. That means, for all of us that give honor to God, and don't work on Sabbath, to make it work for US!

How is that? Pre-scheduling things to post for you, online, even on Sabbath.
It's a simple process:

  1. Write down what you want to do on each day; blog, post stats/sales/specific topics
  2. Schedule those items on your calendar to alert you they need to be done
  3. Using your schedule option on either HOOTSUITE, FACEBOOK or BLOG service, schedule those items to post. 

The benefits of pre-scheduling, especially on Sabbath, is that you don't have to 'work' on that day, but those items can WORK for you!

There are others that don't stop working at all. 24/7 they are looking for what you have and even share you with others. You want those options to stay available even in your down time!

Coach Dana Enterprises
Dana Neal 

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