Saturday, December 20, 2014

My Year in Review: What has changed me?

It was on December 20, 2013 that I walked the halls of my employer for the last time as an employee. I would leave there knowing I gave more than 200% of my all in my position, and that I loved each and everyone of my co-workers like they were family (except for those that I verbally told there were adopted). I knew that this was the day/place/time, that I had waited for, and, actually, ran from, for so many years.  It has been one full year today. This is my year in review, and right now today, I ask myself, what has changed me? 

In the first quarter of the year, I received a reward for Phenomenal Woman at the Milwaukee Girls Rock Event

I was able to take classes for building my brand, that I couldn't take last year. I found out what it's like to change my social status and how people changed their view of me. I learned in the second quarter that I was about to be one of those people that you better make it because you now have no choice. There slap in the face was that I had two people, one in my family and one sister in Christ, tell me to go back to work or move into a smaller house. 

In the third quarter, as I truly struggled to keep things afloat, I ASKED MYSELF, did I make the right decision? Then I prayed and said LORD, is this what you called me to? The answer given was always to serve. So, I thought being a coach was where I was supposed to serve; actually, it was a lot higher calling than that. I was supposed to be walking in what I was called and chosen to do, and all the others WOULD FALL INTO PLACE. I kept coming back around that mountain; even in the last few weeks. I was listening to a free conference call for women in business, and the woman's testimony was that GOD TOLD HER TO SERVE. It was at that point, that every dream, vision, and message that came running back was about ministry. 

 It was in the third and fourth quarters that God took me through an extensive training regarding the anointing on my life as a ministry leader and  prepare the way. I  went through so much, I thought I was going crazy, but in the process a Prophetic Teaching was established and a new book of the same name. I was the speaker at the Pieces of Me Conference. Different ministry events started to open up for me to SHARE WHAT GOD HAD DONE FOR ME in the past 12 months. I started to see, that, regardless of the struggle, the end result was still the same; I had to go through in order to help someone else.  

The real reality in this year in review is this: I waited 2 1/2 years too long to leave my job; God had told me to leave and sent a messenger to let me know it was okay to leave. I was scared. I was foolish. I wasn't trusting. The process of you 'reap what you sow' is that you will reap something, because you weren't obedient to start with. The blessing in it is you still have a chance to get it right and change your outcome. I am still going through a process of building a FULLY SUCCESSFUL business, but the MINISTRY COMES FIRST. Is this telling you that I don't know what I"m doing? NO. I have clients and I'm pressing along, but I"m doing what I've always done and that is PUSHING MYSELF, because no one else is OR WILL. 

All this week, I've been reflecting on this year. I've replayed all the arguements with my children about my choices. I've looked at how I've made it all year and the one time I ASKED FOR REAL HELP, I was ridiculed for my choices. All this week, I've been looking at all the businesses I have and how in these last few days, I have lost friends and I have looked at saints like YOU REALLY SAID THAT ABOUT ME?

I have been the one that has wanted to say YOU MAD OR NAH? This has been a trying week, but I made the choice to be in this particular place, and with or without help, GOD IS WITH ME AND MAN CAN KEEP RUNNING. 

I love all people. I will help if I can. I will build others AS I CAN. I am here to serve. I don't have the CHOICE to worry about what PEOPLE THINK, because I HAVE NOT TIME TO BE DISOBEDIENT. I have not time to wait on the opportunities, because the VISION FOR BUSINESS AND MINISTRY WAS GIVEN TO ME. 

My year in review has changed me, where I use my spiritual eyes to see, and my spiritual ears to hear everything. The #billionaire coach is in a place to give back, to step up and to make it plain for all to see. 

2015 is an open highway.....................we can go together!

Coach Dana Enterprises
Dana Williamson (Neal)

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