Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Real Reality Report: Make Your Bed

Real Reality Radio will becoming back in the new year, but the reports are here! 

So this week, let's tackle something small business owners don't consider, when working from home: when you feet hit the floor, MAKE YOUR BED.

What am I saying? 

If you think just because you work from home, your bed, your house, your life can be messy because no one sees the background, that's not good business. Why? YOU see the background; anything that is a mess in your life, is a mess in your mind. You can't do business effectively because the negativity in your life is THERE.

If you see yourself as being able to get the job done from home, but your house is in disarray, what are you getting done? Let me say this, if you are a MOTHER, that works from home, you have more than one job; you have to take care of home and business. If at some point a client MUST come to your house, however lavish or not, it should look like you can handle it all.


The real reality is that you are more than one person in one body. As an entrepreneur, you have to do it all, and you have to make sure it looks good to and for all.


Even IF, the only people in your life, that see you do business behind closed doors are your family members, you have to start doing business that way. The real deal is to help YOU GET AND STAY MOTIVATED.

  • Set your coffee up the night before
  • Get up at a decent hour and make your bed
  • Keep things in order either in a closet office or basement office
  • Set OBTAINABLE GOALS not just get them done goals
  • Encourage yourself 

Coach Dana Enterprises
Dana Neal

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