Thursday, March 5, 2015

C.K.Q Publishing Author Showcase: Charles Burgess: Completion

Besides being a coach, I'm an author and publisher. I have chosen this month to be Author Showcase Month; I"ve been speaking with 4 authors about their recent releases or soon to be released literary works. I want you to step into my interview with Charles Burgess. 

How long have you been writing?
I have been writing 11 years, my first title ever published was Titled Homies

How many published works do you have?
I have about 16 books published

What is the genre you focus on?
I don't consider myself focused on one genre, i have tried poetry and self-help, but I like to tell stories and kind of created my own genre calling it crossover fiction

What were you focusing on with this particular book?
With Sins of the Seventh, I wanted to focus on some serious issues in our community with our African American male, especially ones we look at as role models, and also at the same time pay tribute to the late great E. Lynn Harris

Any new releases?
Sins of The Seventh just dropped on Valentines day of 2015; I do have over 50 titles that I currently work on and was hoping to bring The Mechanic Next, but seems like the supporters are pulling for me to get to the second book Of Sins of the seventh, which I predict the title to be Afraid of The Dark

As a writer are you also a speaker?
I'm not a motivational speaker if that's what you meant, I applaud Obama and the rest of them that speak so clearly in front of huge audiences, I did get my shot when I was the guest speaker for one of my favorite authors, Zane, I think I did okay

What would you like to tell new writers/authors to motivate them?
Giving advice now-a-day is hard, the writing market has become so saturated with many different attitudes it almost like advice is taken the wrong way, but I will tell anyone that if they are chasing the dream, chase the dream, learn everyday and understand that the word overnight doesn't mean tomorrow, could be 20 years, but it will come

You can purchase Sins of the Seventh on Amazon

If you are in the D.C. area, please look for Charles as he will be making an appearance with State Farm, and yes, he might wear khakis! 

Dana Neal

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