Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Real Reality Report: From the Pit to the Palace

The reality here is, you may be in a place that you don't understand; in a place where there is no clarity of why you're there and what you are supposed to do next. You were busted and disgusted, then, decided to walk with the Lord, and now wondering when your JOB experience will be over. You have to decide that you're not Job, but JOSEPH.

 (Genesis 41: 1-57)

I've been in the pit experience of my life so many times, but I crawled in that pit myself. When I realized what God was showing me and that I had to stand up right, I said YES, and then I  was pushed in the pit. I have been rejected, ridiculed, misunderstood, and stomped on because of my choice to be in ministry. (Business is there somewhere)

Let me tell you, there are many ways to go from the pit to the palace. You need to be ready to do what is necessary get out of the pit. When you read the above section in Genesis, you have to spiritually see how the man God was using as a prophet went from the pit to the palace.

Let's look at it like this, the drug dealer to millionaire, the stripper to the fortune 500 company, the dyslexic child to the CEO of a major technical company.

Look at your life and where you are, and then say where can I go from here?

Get ready for Coach Dana's 5 part instructions from the Pit to the Palace.

Dana Neal
Coach Dana

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