Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Real Reality Report: They Can't Drive Your Car

 I don't let anyone drive my van except my husband. I won't let my kids drive and unless it is in with the mechanic, NO ONE DRIVES. In all reality, I just like my STUFF, TO BE MY STUFF.


With that I have looked at the people around me and the vision God has given me, and realize, THEY CAN'T DRIVE MY CAR. Meaning: They can't run with my vision. They might stomp on it; they may challenge the validity of what God has given me, which means they bring doubt and negativity into my car.

Why would I want the negativity with me? 

The vision I have is for luxury, wealth, leaving legacies, and obtaining millionaire status. The fortune 500 company is at my finger tips. I have no time to see who is riding with me, or trying to drive my car, that don't have my best interest at heart.

What I know is that who I am, and who you are, are two different things. What you have been given, you must walk out. Every dream should now be a vision. God said write the vision and make it plain, not write the dream.
 <<<When people ride in this vehicle, everything must be clean; shoes, clothes, and mind. You can't have any dirt slip off into this vehicle. This is your vision; Clean and pure for the right time to be revealed to others.

They can't drive your car.

Anyone trying to control your destiny is using witchcraft; they have a controlling spirit. They want what you have or they want to DAMAGE WHAT YOU HAVE. They can't drive your car.

Understand, that the reality of your life, may not be the reality they want in their lives!

Dana Neal
Coach Dana Enterprises

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