Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Real Reality Report: What exactly is a Hustle?

I'm walking into my house today, and I think about what I need to do to step my game up. I'm looking at everything I have in my arsenal, and I know that I could be making $1000 a day or more without even blinking, but then I say, I'm working not hustling. So what exactly is a HUSTLE? 

Hustle means (in the context of this article):  obtain by forceful action or persuasion. 

Who am I persuading to take advantage of my service or products? What exactly is part of the hustle and when does it end? 

Well, as I sit here pondering this, it comes to my attention, that, if you have nothing and need something you need to hustle and bustle to get what you need. If my arsenal is full of products and services to create the $1000 a day income that I need to just live life, then what am I missing and why am I not using those things? 

This is where the hustle comes in and here's what I've done (the reality of it all):

  • I've created a marketing calendar
  • I've increased posting on the social networks that are business oriented. 
  • I've given away free things that no longer serve the fast money purpose for me but increases my connections to build in other areas. 
  • Everyday is a work day; sales must come from somewhere. 
  • I don't give up
  • I don't complain
  • I am now hustling to build the business
  • I'm using the things I didn't use before to help me now

The hustle is real; the struggle is real. 
This is the time to say reality has hit, what are you going to do about it? 


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