Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Organized Gone Wild (OGW): You're Not There Yet

Let me share something with you, every woman works hard in their home to make themselves look organized. As a business woman you must take action to get where you need to be. Why? You're not there yet. Organization is key! 

When you go home and your closet looks like this

  but you want it to look like this Yes, think big!

When you run a business you need this:

So your desk doesn't look like this

How can you arrive at the place you need to be in to do what you need to do? 
You need to get organized. It doesn't mean buying the new scanner; what if your computer crashed then where would those items be? 

Every important document shouldn't be scanned onto your computer too many hackers in the world. 
Every financial file shouldn't be on your computer. 
Every tax PDF should be printed and filed. 

As Dana Neal the Professional Organizer, I help businesses see where they need to pull things together and get things in order right away AND, at their finger tips. We have to bring back the days of a real file system, and a way to retrieve those files at a moments notice. 

You're not there yet. If your office or closet looks like any of the above messy pictures, you must get your 'home in order'. 

Dana Neal

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