Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Real Reality Report: Working for the Diamond: YOU

Ladies, let me tell you something, this is the story where we get slapped in the face with REAL REALITY. As entrepreneurs, we're striving to build wealth and leave legacies. I read something recently where it isn't so much of gaining that millionaire status as much as giving the people what they want which in turn helps us to obtain that status.

What exactly are we doing? 
Well, for me, I'm working for the diamonds; I'm using all of what I know how to do to generate an income to purchase diamonds whenever I get ready. What do I know how to do? I know how to write, speak, and teach. What am I doing to do maximize my efforts in building these funnels? EVERYTHING. I'm working for the diamonds. Create funnels and do what is necessary to build your wealth to buy your diamonds. Let me share this with you, you are the diamond; you are being polished and shined. You are working diligently to do things DIFFERENTLY than others have in the past. You are setting a precedence for diamonds whatever those diamonds may be.

What did you say, Coach Dana?

You may not want the real deal diamonds; you may want to just shine and be a blessing to someone. Well that's a diamond. You may want to share your insight and expertise with others without any fear of it being stolen; well that's a diamond. YOU ARE THE DIAMOND.

Are you trying to be seen?

 Diamonds glisten. Are you TRYING TO BE SEEN as the glistening diamond? No, you're trying to accomplish something for the wealth building and legacies; being seen is an added bonus. If you're working for the diamonds, or hustling for the wealth, you are building on what you know. In order to shine, because you're the diamond, you must look at what you're giving out, and not what you'll get back.

Who are you?

The perfect part about being a woman in business, is how you see yourself. The Bible says you are fearfully and wonderfully made, so you must BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE. When you see yourself in business you must see yourself at the end result you desire: COMPLETELY SUCCESSFUL, which means, you are the woman full of diamonds. You are glistening so that the information you have in you is shown through you, sometimes, before you open your mouth.

Everything you have done is on you as layers of beautiful diamonds. You are the diamond. You're working hard for the DIAMOND: YOU. Never let anyone tell you that as an entrepreneur, or woman business owner, that you don't deserve the very best because you do; you worked hard for it!

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Dana Neal

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