Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Real Reality Report: The Advice You're Missing

I can't help but continue to look at the people around me SPIT so much hate about the people around them that they could actually learn from. I can't help but continue to read the suggestions from experts about following those that are WHERE YOU WANT TO BE.

I can't help it, but there has got to be another answer. Why? Because someone needs help LOOKING. The real reality today is that IT ISN'T ALL PEACHES AND CREAM, and the advice being given that will really help you is the advice YOU'RE MISSING.

How real can it get? 

Let's look at my latter statement about following those that are WHERE YOU WANT TO BE. If you only followed the millionaire you continue to be the SERVANT to the millionaire. Trying to learn what they have ALREADY LEARNED, and getting to the place that they are in.

This is not a bad thing; being the millionaire in the making by following the millionaire.

BUT, what about the woman that is encouraging herself daily? The one that continues to press and doesn't have $2 to get a cup of coffee? The woman that is not struggling but hustling? The woman that lives in the projects creating projects to build her wealth? She's the woman taking other women along even if they are only following her. (#catchthat please)

See, if we weren't so high and mighty we might be able to see what we don't see; that is the encouragement from the woman you could be watching will end up being the millionaire you'll be applauding. I made that mistake once, and now a facebook friend is all over TV, traveling the world, and helping others. With what you say? Vision boards and implementing the vision.

Now let's go back to obtaining some advice from those around you.

I look at a woman that I have known for almost 10 years and I see how she keeps pressing and how she keeps PRESSING ME TO KEEP PRESSING. She doesn't have to do that. She has had some of the same trials that I have had and she has been in the middle of some of the same issues that I HAVE RIGHT NOW, but she didn't give up. (I'm not either, but just go with me) She encourages me to stay focused on what I know and where I'm going; to see the end result and come out on top. All glory to GOD FOR HER.
 <<<<< That's her! Alba Henderson

I'm grateful for her, but also that as she reaches towards millionaire status she doesn't forget the people around her. I'm blessed for her friendship and coaching, because even though we all go through struggles, there is something we can teach others from our struggles.

The advice you're missing? STOP MISSING IT!

Coach Dana
Dana Neal

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