Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Real Reality Report: The Life of B.A.D. Woman

Every day, after I pray the 2nd time, I get up and go about my day as God has directed/instructed me. In the middle of my morning, I pray again. I have not time to get sidetracked by any of my trials or triumphs; I must stay on task. I'm Blessed, Anointed and Destined.

Being B.A.D. is more than a BRAND.

B.A.D. is more like walking in a lifestyle that God has freely given. I can only be as B.A.D. as I can be, not as B.A.D as I want to be; why? Because GOD HAS GIVEN ME THE ABILITY AND THE ANOINTING. The reality here, is that I must endure no matter what life says. B.A.D is not just a business name, it is what I choose to be in front of the camera or behind the scenes. It is where I desire to muddle through the dirt, and still be able to pick clarity, color, cut, and carat. Being B.A.D. means getting on my hands and knees daily and thanking God for who I am and where HE is brought me. Yet, it hasn't been easy.

The reality of being the B.A.D. woman

Being able to stand out and be different, to walk among the best and the worst, to hold hands with the homeless, and drive a Bentley with the wealthy, to preach the message without any sugar coating, and to be a woman ministry leader as well as marketplace minister (someone will catch that later). The reality of all this is no one is willingly running to me for what I have to say or what I have said. No one wants the truth, they want the feel good words that will help them realize its okay to be where they are, but even in BUSINESS, that is not okay. The reality reality of my life as the B.A.D. Woman is that I have to work, prepare, and build, until the foundations shake and the services/products are shared.

It is hard trying to be B.A.D. when it isn't accepted

The reality here is that BLESSED, ANOINTED AND DESTINED, are not in the mouths of the common people; it is in the hearts and minds of those that don't want the NORMALCY of life. Jesus wasn't accepted. The Richest Man in Babylon had to learn how to obtain his wealth, apply it to his life and then share it. You will never understand how hard it is to be B.A.D. until you step out to be different.

Dana Neal
Coach Dana

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