Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Real Reality Report: Age Aint Nuthin' but a NUMBER!

In a month, I will be turning another year older. I thank God for life, health and strength. I thank God that in all things He is mindful of me; I'M TRULY BLESSED ANOINTED AND DESTINED. 


Age is a number. It is something that says how long you have been on this earth but it doesn't say anything about your capabilities. Those that are have so much negativity about what they do and they're age are one of two people: 

  • Those that have done everything in their lives that they have enjoyed. 
  • Those that haven't done anything they are passionate about and waiting on retirement day. (if it ever comes)

You have to decide if you will let your age dictate what you do in life and how; the real reality is that you are capable of living your dreams no matter what your number says.

Think about your health, think about your accomplishments thus far in life, and think about the people that are looking at you that desire hope; decide today I CAN LIVE THE DREAM OR WORK HARD TOWARDS IT!

Do this reality:

  1. Start- set goals
  2. Meet all goals
  3. Document your accomplishments
  4. Motivate someone else
Let's talk about it: baddneal@gmail.com

Dana Neal

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