Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Seven Day Challenge: Epic Fail or not?

Seven days ago, I created a challenge for myself. The challenge was to do differently whatever I had been doing in order to increase on all sides.

Each and every time, I put myself into this type of challenge, God opens my eyes to what HE NEEDS ME TO DO. Sometimes the increase is not the money, but the ministry. So, for seven days I worked; was it an epic fail or not?


...and here's why: I learned that scheduling posts on social media takes more work than one person is willing to do. I mean truly its a set up for breakthrough but its necessary.

I learned that creating blabs and doing periscopes had to have meaning besides being DONE.
I learned that people needed me just like I need income, but one trumped the other.


...and here's why: God reminded me what HE's called me to do works hand in hand in the wealth building process and I can't forget that. The moment I put money before ministry, the LORD SHOWS UP!

It was seven complete days of reigniting what I already know and can move on.

Dana Williamson
BAD Coach

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