Wednesday, July 20, 2016

My 90 Minute Experience

This 90 minute work session was something introduced by a wonderful lady Aprille Franks-Hunt in her accountability call for her Facebook Group. I have tweaked it to work for me until my schedule is over full with clients.

Each day, I try to complete tasks within in 90 minutes that will my business grow. It’s an uphill battle but the uphill I must go. After each 90 minute work session is complete I take a 30 minute break. In that break, I truly try to rest or have fun. I realized that everything I try to do in my work time is FULL especially if I’m focused.

Which is what I’m sharing with you:  My 90 Minute Experience with emphasis on FOCUS.

At the beginning of my work sessions, I write down what I want to complete in those sessions. I may not complete everything but 90% is better than none. I may write in a book, finalize changes in a book, blog, or article. I  may send emails to my B.A.D. Queens members or schedule counseling sessions; either way, I write down what I want to accomplish in that 90 minutes and focus on doing that.

After a task is completed, I mark it of the list. If the task is not completed in the 90 minutes, it is not marked off and it is moved to the next 90 minute work session. The next session may be after my 30 minute break or not until the next day; the importance is to focus on what needs to be done.

An unfinished task is like leaving money on the table. Leaving money on the table is a form of not working which means your 90 minute work session is for naught. An unfinished task could be something that needs more than one team member, delegated to another company, or more work on a previous task to accomplish THIS TASK.

My experience in my 90-minutes has shown me that lots can get done but also what else needs to be done. I have learned that marketing is a key point to fulfilling tasks in my work sessions. This is another example of unfinished tasks; to make money you need to market (on or offline); marketing should be part of your 90-minute work sessions even if it means pre-scheduling blogs, tweets, or fan page states.

When you consider what you want to do in your business remember that your time is vital. Focus on what you want your end result to be so that you can increase and have an effective work session.

God bless.

Dana Williamson

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