Thursday, May 23, 2019

Great Expectations

What should you expect from the rebirth of B.A.D. University? 

Here is what you will expect: 

This is a membership-based site.

B.A.D. gives a lot of information away for free on free platforms. You will find BAD on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
There is something we're giving away; grab it and get it.

BUT HERE, this is where the investors want more. You're here because THIS isn't free and you want more than the cheap seats are getting. 

I get it. I understand it. I'm here for you.

Back to expectations. 

You will have a choice of topics:

  • Spiritual 
  • Business 
  • Self-Help

No, spiritual is not just self-help. I believe prophets need to hear from prophets just as peculiar as them.
Business is not self-help it's training!!! Everyone needs training as the industries change and you need growth.

You will have webinars and books, as well as pre-recorded classes.
How often depends on how much the Lord drops in my spirit for me to get out.

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