Prophetic Patterns


Prophetic patterns are part of a change in the real reality; it isn't a change in the Bible or the words God gave. It is an enhanced message to clarify what was also given. The prophetic patterns are pieces where the scriptural run into the natural. They are, specifically, what you remember with what’s going on now. These pieces to the pattern are building to the end result.

You were called for this. Throughout these lessons, you will have to ask yourself where you first felt a ‘shift’. You will have to realize that patterns are visible when the eyes and ears are heightened. During your time of clarity you will have to pray, fast, and pray.


January 4-25th

February 1-22nd

March 1-22nd

April 5-26th

May 3-24th

June 7-28th

July 5-26th

August 2-23rd

September 6-27th

                                        October 4-25th 

You will have to answer how the patterns change the mainstream. Is it through wisdom or through release?—what do you hear in the release?

Prophetic Patterns is a teaching for the lay person; the type of teaching that allows for you understand, in a clear language, what you have been through and what you will go through when walking in the prophetic. Whether a prophet or, additionally, a seer, you will find in 
this teaching great insight. 

The teaching consists of 5 parts within 4 weeks: 

Part I: The Calling 
When your first heard God call your name

Part II: New Levels 
Periodic tranistions in life

Part III: Changes 
The changes in your physical man because
 of your spiritual man

Part IV: Seeing Through to the Other Side 
When you first see/hear from the spiritual realm

Part V: Doors 
The doors God will open

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